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We have several pages with graphics, stories, and jokes that have been collected over the years either through emails or on sites allowing the saving of files. If you are the owner of any of these and do not wish us to display them  or wish your name to be credited please email us proof of your ownership and we will gladly abide by your wishes. We do honor copyrights and do not wish to take credit for anyone else's hard work.

Managing a web site is no easy task, however we plan to put every effort into keeping this site as fresh as time allows. At present, the Fannin County Links you find on these pages have been placed for our visitors interest and not for a fee. However, this is subject to change. That is the reason you have been asked not to link directly to any of the graphics on this site. We may remove or change graphics depending on the need.  Several of our pages have a graphic on them that you may save and use to link to us. But again we ask that you do not link directly to these graphics. Thank you.

Cookies are not all bad! Please read this on Cookies.

If you are like I was then you do not allow cookies, but you may be hurting some of your favorite sites by doing this. Most cookies are used to help businesses provided better services, not to find out personal information about you.

A cookie is a small piece of data stored on the user's hard drive containing information such as what link a user might click on to leave a site through, or how often the user might use a particular search engine. This helps legitimate companies to determine information such as what ads get the best response, and where people visiting a site on vacations might be interested in going. Cookies also help small web developers to be acknowledged for sending a customer to one of the larger sites.  Without the cookie they might not be compensated for displaying the sponsors ads. Cookies can also help larger sites manage safety issues. For instance, by setting a cookie, a site that requires password log in can verify that you are a member as you go from page to page without making you retype your password for each area.

*However, you should always read a sites privacy statements to be sure that your information will not be used for any purposes that you do not agree with. If you do not want them to place a cookie, you can always use your browser controls to remove the cookie and stop them from placing another.

I hope this information has been helpful and perhaps now you can see why some site will not allow you access unless you allow cookies. Thank you for your time.

Originally this site was created because there was a need for a place people could go to get information about our area. While developing the site we decided that it would also be a good way to show our support for the men and women who provide emergency services to our county, so we began working on pages dedicated to them. We hope you will take the time to view them and to pay tribute to the emergency personnel in your own area.


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We welcome links to our site from yours. If you would like to swap links please place a link to our site on yours and email us the address when you have it up so we can view the page. We will then place a link to your site on ours if appropriate. The graphic below and others found on the different pages can be copied and saved to use to link to us. We ask that you please save them to your site and not link directly to them as we may have to move or change them from time to time.


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