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Welcome To The North Georgia Mountains

Fannin County is a quaint area located just ninety miles north of Atlanta, in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. It is an ideal place to visit for a peaceful vacation retreat, or a wonderful place to think about spending those retirement years.

This site contains information on the area, local attractions, local businesses, restaurants, and the emergency services that protect and serve this great county. To learn more about the area please use the site navigation menu on the left side of your screen. The first two sections are to pages within this site. The last section consists of local links and will open in a new browser. We also have some good clean jokes for those of you who enjoy a good laugh, and for those who could use something for the soul, we have some of the best heart warming stories you will find.

Fannin County is filled with awe-inspiring views and friendly people. The peaceful country side and pure spring waters made it a popular health retreat back in the days before anyone had ever heard the term health resort. An abundance of forests and streams, and the tranquility of Blue Ridge Lake, make Fannin County, Georgia the perfect get away for vacation seekers.

There are plenty of areas to camp, hike, fish, swim, or just go exploring, and the weather is usually mild. However, there was that time back in March of 1993... But that story is better told in person, so be sure to ask one of the locals about it when you visit.

Speaking of the locals, the county has some of the nicest folks you ever want to meet. The quaint charms of our small country towns are easily seen in the way that people greet you on the roads. Residents will nod or throw up a hand to say hi as they go by. This may be because everyone knows each other, or perhaps folks around here are just a bit friendlier because they don't have to fight the traffic of the city. See, in all, there are only some 22,000 residents scattered over the 360 square miles of this peaceful county. So rush hour around here usually consists of about nine trucks, five cars, and a tractor, if it's a nice day.

riverJust think about how good it would feel to sit back on a stump and relax, as you dangle your feet in a slow moving creek, or to be able to enjoy the beauty of the setting sun, as it glistens off the lake with only the sounds of chirping crickets in the background. Perhaps you can imagine yourself taking a leisurely walk down an old dirt road, or climbing aboard a horse for a ride across the countryside. These are everyday events for the people who live in this area, and we don't mind sharing them with visitors.

Now that is not to say that we don't have anything better to do here other than watch the grass grow. We actually have some quite exciting events that take place in these hills from time to time. Such as, the annual Blue Ridge Mountain Adventure Race which takes place each spring. This race of physical endurance takes outdoor adventure enthusiasts through a challenging course of about 40 miles from start to finish. Then there is the kayaking and whitewater rafting down the Ocoee River from early spring until late fall. But best of all is the Pickin' in the Park jam sessions in McCaysville that go on throughout the summer months. Yep, they will really get your toes tappin.

trainIf you are looking for a place to escape the big city, Fannin County, Georgia might be just the ticket. And when you do pay us a visit, be sure to stop in Blue Ridge, where you can browse through some of the local Art and Antique shops along Main Street, then walk on down to the depot for a ride on the Scenic Railroad. There are several restaurants in town that serve up genuine home style cooking, so be sure to grab a bite to eat before you head back to your cabin, camp site, or motel. And if your not quite ready to call it a day, you might want to take a little stroll down memory lane with your sweetheart at the Swan Drive-In Theater, or take the family over to Fannin Lanes and bowl a game or two. On the weekend you can kick up your heels at the Morganton Music Park.

Don't be afraid to ask one of the locals where to find a good fishing hole, camping site, or hiking trail. Why they might even let you in on which apple house has the best deals around. We also have several cabin rental agencies in the area that would be happy to find you a nice relaxing porch swing, and hey, they might even throw in the cabin! And for those who might be saying, "To heck with a vacation, I want to live in them there Mountains!", just click the real estate button and before you know it you too will know if fescue really does grow faster than Kentucky blue.

While you are visiting our site, please take a moment to view our Fannin 911 Tribute pages. They are dedicated to the fine men and women of Fannin County Fire and Rescue, EMS, and Sheriff's Department who devote themselves to helping others when they need it most.

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